canon powershot a2500 review

December 8, 2020

Though the PowerShot A2500 lacks any kind of manual exposure control it does include a long shutter mode which allows you set the shutter speed manually at preset intervals from one to fifteen seconds. This is an important distinction between the PowerShot A3500 IS and lower models in the range which don’t carry the IS suffix – the A2600, A2500 and A1400 – all of which are equipped with Digital IS. Canon A2500 Review - Click for Table of Contents Canon A2500 has an Overall Score of 31/100 and ranked #494 out of 629 in Compact cameras (Top 10 Compact), and ranked #1073 out of 1219 in all Cameras (Top 10 Overall). There’s very noticeable levels of noise in this indoor low-light panning shot, but the PowerShot A3500 IS makes a good job of the exposure and the autofocus also does a good job in quite demanding conditions. Sehr kleiner Bildsensor (Normalbrennweite 8 mm) mit 16 Megapixel. Die A2500 ist einfach bedienbar, hat gut funktionierende Automatiken und liefert erstaunlich gute Bilder. Prime. Macht insgesamt ordentliche Bilder (Bildnote: 2,7). Bisher arbeiten aber erst wenige DSLR-Modelle mit diesen Objektiven zusammen, zum Beispiel die Canon EOS 650D. Canon PowerShot ZOOM Digital... BHPhoto. Wählen Sie Ihren Support-Inhalt aus. On the PowerShot A2500 (and the A2600 and A1400) the Digital IS scene mode takes a sequence of three shots in quick succession and produces a composite image corrected for camera shake. In my review I’ve compared the PowerShot A2500 against two models from the more up-market IXUS / ELPH range. Anand Tuliani Jun 06, 2013 19:03:06 IST. They do allow use of some Creative Effects during shooting, though, the best of these being Miniature mode with speeded up playback at 5x, 10x, or 20x. Rather than the A3500 IS’s optical system, which moves the lens elements to counteract camera shake, Digital IS is a stacking mode that takes a fast burst of three images and combines them to produce a sharp result. Sicherlich vermag die digitale Bildstabilisierung einiges an Verwacklung abfangen, jedoch wird der Ausschuss bei den Aufnahmen deutlich höher sein, als beim optischen Gegenstück. There’s also built-in red-eye firmware correction which can be applied during shooting or subsequently. As with the rest of the 2013 A series models the A2600 retains the 28-140mm zoom range, the 16 Megapixel CCD sensor and Digic 4 processor of the 2012 range. The longest single clip recording time in HD mode is a second shy of 30 minutes for EU models, but you’ll probably run up against the 4GB file size limit just before that. It starts at 28mm and extends to 140mm which means it’s good for wide-angle shots of groups and interiors and will also let you get good head and shoulders portraits without being too intrusive. Laut Anbieter: 5-fach. In fact the screen size is the only thing that differenctiates it form the next model up in the range, the PowerShot A2600. Canon PowerShot A2500 Overview. It works by dividing scenes into those that either do or don’t contain people, and determines whether there’s any subject movement before then analysing the lighting conditions. Laut Hersteller verlängert zudem der Eco-Modus die Akku-Laufzeit um bis zu 30 Prozent. None of the earlier A series PowerShots had an optical zoom that worked during movie recording, but you can use the zoom on both the A3500 IS and A2600 while recording. Hilfreiche Leitfäden, damit Sie Ihre Produkte optimal nutzen können. Canon PowerShot A2500 Bedienungsanleitung hat 100 von 100 Prozent bei 2 Bewertungen. Round the back, the button layout is exactly the same as on other A series models, though the smaller screen allows room for a dimpled thumb rest area to the left of the dedicated movie record button. Apps . The built-in flash can be used in Auto, manual on, off and slow synchro modes and has physical red-eye reduction which illuminates the AF lamp when the shutter is half-pressed. 555 Meinungen in 1 Quelle, Helfen Sie anderen bei der Kaufentscheidung. Da die Kamera mit 125 Gramm sehr leicht ist, braucht man eine ruhige Hand beim Auslösen, was man vor dem Kauf im Fotofachgeschäft selbst ausprobieren sollte. Canon PowerShot ZOOM... Canon. Eindruck im Sehtest: befriedigend mit Tendenz zum Gut. It also shares the A2600’s 720p, video mode and, as on that model, you can now use the optical zoom during movie recording, Previously you could only operate the digital zoom during movie recording, which resulted in a big drop in quality. This is quite an interesting comparison, because it shows both what you gain and what you lose with Digital IS. To compare the two systems I shot the same scene with the PowerShot A3500 IS and the PowerShot A2500. The IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS, shares the same 16 Megapixel CCD sensor as the PowerShot A2500, but has a longer 8x optical zoom and a higher resolution 3 inch LCD panel. The maximum range of the flash is 3 Metres at the wide angle lens setting, the same as its predecessor. May not be used without permission. It does pretty well here, transitioning the focus from near to far and back almost as soon as the camera starts moving. Digital IS was introduced on the 2012 PowerShot A2300. In terms of physical controls the only difference is the IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS’s mode switch, though its absence isn’t something I found that much of a problem; changing shooting modes on the PowerShot A2500 is quick enough, if you’re going from, say, Smart Auto to Program Auto, or Live view. 16 Megapixel auf einer Größe von 1/2,3 Zoll, das sind Werte, wie sie derzeit fast jede Digitalkamera hat. It's a step-down from the A3300 IS , getting a shorter lens, smaller LCD, and no optical image stabilization. Es bleibt abzuwarten, wie der CCD-Sensor der Canon PowerShot A2500 in der Praxis arbeitet. Display und Sucher Wer ein perfektes Foto will, muss das Motiv mit dem Kameradisplay passend in Szene setzen. What you gain is an easy-to-use mode that guarantees good results in low light. It seems that with every year that passes the design of the PowerShot A-series compacts gets closer and closer to the IXUS / ELPH range and 2013’s PowerShot A2500 continues the trend with a body shape that’s slim and stylish and belies the ‘economy’ label implied by the price. Entdecke die Höhepunkte vom Canon PowerShot A2500 und erfahre, wie es im Kamera Ranking perfomt. Notice how the containers behind the in-focus coffee cup aren’t really all that blurred. Pin It: User reviews. 100% crop , 5-25mm at 25mm, 100 ISO, 1/10th, IS off. Canon PowerShot A2500 Digital IS / Program Auto. Canon PowerShot A2300 im Test der Fachmagazine. The shutter speed range is 15 – 1/2000 (1-1/2000 in Program Auto mode) and the sensitivity range is 100 – 1600 ISO. The Canon PowerShot A2200 is basically filler in Canon's A-series PowerShot lineup. Black $189.99 Red See price on Silver $199.95. That’s nearly four stops slower than conventional wisdom says you should attempt, so it’s pretty effective. $299 . 0 user reviews. Die Angebotsinformationen basieren auf den Angaben des jeweiligen Händlers und werden über automatisierte Prozesse aktualisiert. The PowerShot A2500 shares the same Digital IS feature as the A2600, but lacks the Intelligent Image stabilisation of its more expensive stablemate, the PowerShot A3500 IS. Testalarm: Wir benachrichtigen Sie kostenlos bei Testberichten zum Thema: Computer Bild - $299.99. ... Weniger gut schnitt allerdings der Serienbildmodus ab: Die A2500 schießt nur schlappe 0,91 Fotos pro Sekunde.“, Durchschnitt aus The PowerShot A2500 has a 5x optical zoom with a range equivalent to 28-140mm and a maximum aperture of f2.8. All A Series PowerShots have built-in mono mics. Buy on 4.4 /5. Die Versandkosten hängen von der gewählten Versandart ab, es handelt sich um Mindestkosten. The new Canon PowerShot A3300 IS camera is firmly aimed at photography beginners. Trotz des kleinen Mangels ist die A2500 bei amazon bereits für rund 100 EUR erhältlich. Weiterführende Informationen zum Thema Canon PowerShotA2500 können Sie direkt beim Hersteller unter finden. 3 options. 6 options. Camera Reviews / Canon Cameras / Canon PowerShot The PowerShots are Canon's compact or point & shoot camera line. The sample clips below were all shot with the PowerShot A3500 IS. Mal sehen, was die ersten ausführlichen Tests dazu sagen. The PowerShot A2500 has a16.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor that produces images with a maximum size of 4608 x 3456 pixels at a single JPEG compression setting producing JPEGs around 3 – 5MB in size. Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. Finally, it’s worth noting that, unlike Intelligent IS on the PowerShot A2600, Digital IS doesn’t provide the flexibility of working in whatever shooting mode you choose and it won’t help keep things steady when you’re shooting movies. The PowerShot A2500 lacks the Mode switch of the IXUS / ELPH models so the shooting mode selection is relegated to the top position on the four-way controller. Die Canon PowerShot A2500 ist eine kleine, flache und leichte Kompaktkamera (nur 2,1 cm dick, wiegt 122 Gramm). The next comparison shows results from the PowerShot A2500 (the A2600 has the same lens and digital IS and the results will therefore be the same). This time, the crop on the left is from a shot taken in low light conditions in Digital IS mode. Canon PowerShot A2500 Preview. Eindruck im Sehtest: befriedigend mit Tendenz zum Gut. On the bottom of the camera is the combined battery and card compartment. The PowerShot A2500 not only looks very similar to the entry-level IXUS / ELPH line-up, it offers very similar handling with a very closely matched range of shooting and video modes. 100% crop , 5-25mm at 25mm, 3200 ISO, 1/160, Digital IS, Nikon Z TC-1.4x TC-2.0x teleconverter review, In Camera book - perfect photos out-of-camera. Sehr kleiner Bildsensor (Normalbrennweite 8 mm) mit 16 Megapixel. In Auto mode the Digic 4 processor uses scene detection to determine the best exposure. What you lose is a lot of pixels – the 100% crop on the left shows a larger area with smaller detail because the Digital IS mode is limited to 4 Megapixels. Just imagine a bit more wobbling on the handheld clips! Handbücher. Fazit: Canon PowerShot A2500 Einfach, aber gut: So günstig kann eine empfehlenswerte Digitalkamera sein. Secondly, it automatically sets the ISO sensitivity quite high so as to minimise the effect of camera shake to start with. Die A2500 nimmt erstaunlich gute Bilder mit natürlichen Farben auf. It has a 2.7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 230,000 dots, beside which are the various commands and a ring of the menu. 1,7. gut zum Shop | Die Canon PowerShot A2500 ist mit Sicherheit gut geeignet, einem Anfänger die ersten Schritte in die Welt der Fotografie und der Movieclips zu zeigen, ohne dass dabei Endtäuschung aufkommt. This clip, like the others below was shot using the PowerShot A3500 IS’s best quality 720p25 video mode. It provides a brief explanation of the controls and features including the current scene that you’re shooting in auto mode. Buy on . 0 ₹5,815. Buy on $192. This toggles between Auto mode and either Program mode or whatever the current alternate shooting mode is. Ignoring the AA-powered, optical viewfinder-equipped PowerShot A1400, the A2500 is the entry-level A-series PowerShot and has a 2.7 inch 230k dot LCD screen where all the models above it are fitted with 3 inch screens. Like the A2600, Zoom Plus digital interpolation doubles the effective range of the lens to 10x – with the inevitable loss in quality that entails. Back to top. To see how the quality of the PowerShot A2500 measures-up in practice, take a look at my Canon A2500 quality and Canon A2500 noise results pages, browse my Canon A2500 sample images, or skip to the chase and head straight for my verdict. For a comparison, I shot the same scene a few moments later with the camera in Program auto mode set to the highest available 1600 ISO sensitivity, which resulted in a shutter speed of 1/80. Die A2500 nimmt erstaunlich gute Bilder mit natürlichen Farben auf. Canon PowerShot A2500. Canon has revamped one of its entry-level pocket camera, the PowerShot A2300, with the PowerShot A2500. There’s the familiar raised Canon logo which doubles as a gripping surface for the fingers of your right hand. Finally, here’s an example of the PowerShot A3500 IS with the Miniature effect. The lens sits in a dished indent and doesn’t protrude so much, but the flash is in the same place on the top left corner, there’s an AF illuminator on the other side of the lens and the rest is badges, running horizontally, rather then vertically as on the IXUS / ELPH. As it shares the same 16 Megapixel CCD sensor and Digic 4 processor as both its predecessor and the entry-Level IXUS / ELPH range including the IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS, the PowerShot A2500 also shares the same range of shooting modes. - Check out this link for more detailed review of Canon Powershot A2500 from verified users. Buy on . The only exception to this now standard hardware confivuration is the flagship 8x PowerShot A4000 IS. Movies are encoded at an average bit rate of 18Mbits/s encoded in the H.264 format and saved as files. The camera's 16.0 Megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor capture a wealth of detail and natural color, so even your enlarged images have impressive resolution. Canon PowerShot A4050 IS 16, 0 MP kleine digitale Kompakt Kamera + OVP... Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16 MP kleine digitale Kompakt Kamera mit OVP. On the four-way controller where the left position activates the new Eco mode. This is the slowest 5x setting which plays back a minute of real time shooting in a 12 second clip. Bilder bei wenig Licht ebenfalls … Additionally, there’s a four-way controller, Menu and Playback buttons, and a dedicated Help button that launches the on-screen help pages. Stiftung Warentest Online 8/2013 - Die Canon PowerShot A2500 ist eine kleine, flache und leichte Kompaktkamera (nur 2,1 cm dick, wiegt 122 Gramm). …weiterlesen, Nikon Coolpix P520Nikon CoolpixAW110Nikon Coolpix S31Nikon Coolpix L820Nikon Coolpix L27Nikon Coolpix S9400Nikon Coolpix S9500Nikon Coolpix S2700Nikon Coolpix S3500Fujifilm FinePix SL1000. Meanwhile, the IXUS 255 HS / ELPH 330 HS has an even longer 10x optical zoom, Canon’s 12.1 … 3 /5. Though more expensive, another option if you prefer a longer zoom is the IXUS / ELPH range with all of the lower end models from the entry-level IXUS 132 / ELPH 115 up to the IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS offering 8x zooms. Finally it keeps track of focus as well as exposure so can tell if you’re lining up a macro shot. It's a camera for the happy snapper, but that doesn't mean it should shirk on image quality. As you can see from the crops above, the PowerShot A3500 IS can produce sharp hand-held results at speeds as slow as 1/10. This is the same lens as on the earlier A2300 and is also the same lens that’s used on every other PowerShot in the A-series range with the exception of the flagship PowerShot A4000 IS which has a stabilised 8x optical zoom. Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16 MP kleine digitale Kompakt Kamera mit OVP... bei amazon bereits für rund 100 EUR erhältlich. Im Vergleich zu teureren Kameras fehlen feinste Details, und in gleichmäßigen Flächen wie im klaren Himmel ist feinkörniges Rauschen erkennbar. Share. I’ll explain how this works in more detail in a moment, first let’s take a look at how Intelligent IS performs on the A3500 IS. 100% crop , 5-25mm at 25mm, 1600 ISO, 1/80th, Program Auto. Wer auf Suche nach einer kompakten Kamera ist, die sich für Schnappschüsse ohne Stress eignet, kann mit der PowerShot A2300 glücklich werden. It'll only cost you $150, but it's not the best value you'll find. Während die Bedienung recht zugänglich ausfällt, hakt's bei Tempo und Bildqualität. For an example of the middle 10x speed see my IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS review and for an example of the fastest 20x mode see my. Canon PowerShot A2500 vs IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS vs IXUS 255 HS / ELPH 330 HS Noise. …weiterlesen, Stiftung Warentest Online - Erschienen: Oktober 2012; Details zum Test „gut“ (6,8 von 10 Punkten) 2 Produkte im Test. Canon PowerShot A3500 IS Intelligent IS Continuous/Off. Canon PowerShot A2500 Review High-resolution sensor, fun-to-use effect filters, 5x optical zoom and HD video recording are some of the features that are common to point-and-shoot cameras. The mono mic is susceptible to wind noise, though, and you can just hear the buzz of the zoom motor. Other modes include Face self-timer, which starts the count down when a new face enters the frame and provides a more reliable option for self-shooting than a timed delay, though there’s also a conventional self-timer mode with 10-second, 2-second and custom delays. It can also determine if you’re shooting in the dark and whether you have the camera attached to a tripod. Announced Jan 29, 2013 • 16 megapixels | 3 ″ screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×) Home; Specs; Q&As (2) Buy; Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Maßgeblich ist der tatsächliche Preis, den der Händler zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs auf seiner Webseite anbietet. As it stands, though, a 5x zoom is a respectable range for a camera in this price bracket. Announced Jan 29, 2013 • 16 megapixels | 3 ″ screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×) Home; Specs; Q&As (2) Buy; Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Novice shooters might feel more comfortable with Live View control, which provides three sliders for control of exposure compensation (Dark/Light), saturation (Neutral/Vivid) and white balance (Cool/Warm). As I’ve already mentioned, these models share the same sensor and lens so with the exception of the PowerShot A3500 IS’s optical image stabilisation, you can expect the same quality as in the clips below from the PowerShot A2500. Below you can see examples of the Fish-eye effect, Toy camera effect and Super Vivid filters. The PowerShot A2500 selected a sensitivity of 3200 ISO (only available in the Digital IS shooting mode) for this shot which resulted in a shutter speed of 1/160. Firmware. Canon PowerShot A2500 ⭐ Test. Offering a wealth of auto modes, 16 megapixel sensor, 5x zoom lens, 3 inch LCD screen and an attractive price tag of less than £150 / $180, the A3300 IS looks like the perfect family camera. Gute Farbwiedergabe. All words, images, videos and layout, copyright 2005-2020 Gordon Laing. Objektiv Kleiner Zoombereich: nur 4,9-fach (über Bildwinkel gemessen). To compare noise levels under real-life conditions, I shot this scene with the Canon PowerShot A3500 IS, the Canon IXUS 140 / ELPH 130 IS and the Canon IXUS 255 HS / ELPH 330 HS, within a few moments of each other using their best quality JPEG settings at each of their ISO sensitivity settings. Treiber. 100% crop , 5-25mm at 25mm, 100 ISO, 1/10th IS Continuous. Erste Meinung verfassen. Canon PowerShot A4050 IS 16,0 MP kleine digitale Kompakt Kamera + OVP. The PowerShot A2500 measures 98 x 56 x 21mm and weighs 125g. The Canon PowerShot A2500 is a very compact camera, which can be easily in a pocket. STM-Objektive einiger Hersteller bieten zwar einen neuen Autofokusantrieb, der das Filmen erleichtert. For this tripod mounted pan the image stabilisation was turned off. Sehr preisgünstig (Stand: August 2013). Dass sich Canon bei der Gestaltung der A2500 an alt bewährte Muster gehalten hat, ist kaum abzustreiten. user rating. The PowerShot A2500 makes highly advanced imaging technology fun and easy to use, so you'll capture beautiful stills and video.

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