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Privacy statement

This site is operated by IITA, and involves use of servers of IITA and external service providers. This site will log visitors’ records supplied by your browser for analytical purposes to assess the impact and also to improve the site. TAAT-CBC organizers will not identify users or their browsing activities; however, state law- enforcement agency may inspect our logs with or without warranting us. The browsing information recorded will include:

  • User’s server address
  • Date and time of the visit to the site
  • Pages accessed and the documents downloaded
  • Frequency of visits
  • Type of browser used

Collection of Personal Information: Personal information of registered user will be displayed in appropriate TAAT-CBC sections as per the user choice at the time of registration. Personal information of users will not be shared with other parties, and only use this information for the purpose for which user provided it, this could include contacts by other TAAT-CBC users, and to communicate TAAT-CBC updates. Your email address or phone number received during registration or through your contact via TAAT-CBC ‘contact information/query forms’ will be stored and used to respond for the purpose for which user provided it. This information will not be disclosed without user consent or used for commercial purpose. No data will be shared or sold to third parties.

A cookie is a text string that is included with HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and responses. Cookies are used to maintain state information as you navigate different pages on a website or return to the website at a later time. Cookies cannot be used to execute code (run programs) or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies are either stored in memory (session cookies) or placed on your hard disk (persistent cookies). TAAT-CBC does not use persistent cookies.