most aggressive dog breeds

December 8, 2020

They're trying to defend themselves. Sorry but would not recommend to anyone with small children or other pets. He was family but I will never trust a Pitt again. I have a lot of pitbulls and they are so loving and caring. If you train your dogs properly and you, yourself present as a stable person, then your dogs will present themselves the same. Yes, when a pit bull bites it can be deadly, they do a lot of damage. In doing my research, I have found that different organizations and different “experts” have their own opinions as to which dog breeds are the “most aggressive." The Bull Terrier is a smart and stocky breed who have a lot of power behind them. Its hard to test the temperament of a living thing based on the breed. I have yet to find a country that has banned chihuahuas or dachshunds. Other dogs may simply be responding out of fear. They are included in the toy group of dogs and range from 4 to 6 pounds. They are just misunderstood. I love dachshunds but I never thought they were aggresive. Here’s the list for you: 15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds . Because "strong avoidance" is considered a failure, the ATTS test may not be an accurate measure of aggression alone. Love your dog like he's part of the family and learn how to train them properly and be responsible for what your dog does and for heaven sakes stop blaming pitbulls please. It's up to the puppy mommy and daddy to shape their personality to be a beautiful thing and not a thing of evil. For that reason, it is your job to make sure your Pit Bull feels as safe, secure and loved as possible. There is a breed out there for everyone. Now my Jack Russell mixed now he love kids and the friendlies thing ever. A breed that originated from china is known to be among the oldest breed still in existence. *Despite appearing on many "aggressive dogs" lists, everything I have researched tells me that they are good with children. Another note about Pit Bulls before we move on because I’m especially passionate about this breed: if you cannot handle a Pit Bull, do not get a Pit Bull. It's a cross between a dog and, more often than... 2. This genetic disease can cause the dog to become not only dangerous to strangers but family members as well, which is of special concern to families with young children. Our own dogs (beyond barking) have been the worst guard dogs. It does not. I would highly recommend avoiding the Giant Schnauzer unless you are willing to put a lot of time and effort into training and have a lot of experience dealing with stubborn pups. Rottweilers can be rather aloof and do not accept strangers easily. If trained and taken care of properly there is no better dog companion. Strong guidance and firm training are required to have a well-mannered chow chow. Many countries have done a lot of work to restrict pit bull type dogs labeling them as dangerous and aggressive. The origin of the Doberman goes back to Germany, where a man by the name of Karl Louis Doberman is credited with developing this breed. Abusing the breed’s traits of strength, loyalty, protectiveness, and territoriality, the pit bull has become the most bred dog in America. She did not injure him in any way. They are definitely all little a-holes in their own right. It’s impossible to find an apartment if you own a German Shepherd dog. Moving on. Pits require a strong owner who will be the alpha in the relationship, setting boundaries, etc. We should be blaming the owner not the dog. Primarily American Pit Bulls and American Bullys. She had a serious problem with barking and tearing things apart. Even two at a time. But I would own another one. It’s simply the owner! I also don’t subscribe to the old “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” rule. If they are not cared for in a good way, they tend to get aggressive. During the Second World War, German and French used them as military dogs. It's all about how they are trained, but sometimes they could have a mental health problems or something traumatic that happened to them. I don’t know. Someone was teasing the dog or make the dog feel threatened in some way. I wish more people saw that and understood that they’re not all bad dogs :). Dogs from professional breeders who care and take time to find the right match for breeding rarely have aggressive dangerous pups. Compare an aggressive chihuahua to that of an aggressive APBT. The chow chow is listed as a medium-sized dog in the non-sporting group with the AKC. Pit Bull Terrier (image via They’re also very impatient and prone to becoming aggressive at the drop of a hat. Anyone who has owned a pit bull—a breed notorious for viciousness—can attest to the pit bull's gentle, if not overly affectionate behavior when it is raised with love and care by its owners. While there are breeds out there I personally would avoid, I would only avoid them because I know and understand my limits as an owner. It is, as you mentioned, far worse when a pit bull decides to get aggressive. German Shepherds are often owned by people who train them to protect property, hence their hostile behavior towards strangers). My German Shepherd sleeps on my pillow with me!! People taking the time to read PetHelpful have had good experiences with their pets and are enthusiastic enough them that they want to be more engaged with the wider community of pet caretakers. An Unexpected Answer", "Common Dog Behavior Issues: Aggression," ASPCA. Germany isn’t euthanizing over a million pit bulls every year like the US. I respect ✊ your article but I’m a owner of Doberman all my life never had a issue I believe as long we treat are doggies with love. I have 8 dogs and they are all soo nice and so cute they will let anyone pet them. As a second time AST owner, I can say there is no sweeter, caring, kind and nurturing dog. percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, Dr. Polsky, "Dog Expert Opinion on the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds,", Catey Hill, "11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters,". When something bad happens it's then blamed on the dog and the dog suffers not the incapable owner. Play time is awesome and relax time is the best. He worked as a tax collector and wanted a dog that he could take with him for protection on his visits to the more dangerous areas where he traveled. Similar dogs have been found in paintings on walls of Egyptian tombs where they are running behind chariots. Firstly I do not think that any dog aggression test can ever be fair. People usually don't go to a pet pyschologist to sort it out and dogs stay aggressive in similar circumstances. Their colors are red and white, black and white, gray and white, or silver. not have asked for a sweeter natured dog who loves every body. But I like how you pointed out why/how the dogs get aggressive. The best dogs I ever had. They match two aggressive dogs, hoping for more aggressive pups. Chihuahuas 6. 5. It should be a privilege and if owners can’t behave as if it is, they should stick to guppies. Sweet, playful, stoic with overly rough children, yet still protective of home and family if threatened. Are you are looking to get a new puppy to keep as a family pet and would like to know the breeds that may not be the best for children? By kicking them you are just abusing them. Sure they might have a strong prey drive, but my Chihuahua did too. They are very energetic dogs and need a good place to release some of this energy. Often, there is a reason behind a Pit Bull attack. So I am an owner of 2 Pitties, and i have had pits my entire life. Treat your animal good and they'll be good toward people. We have 2 blue nose pit bulls, and an English Bull Terrier and my moms inside chihuahua... my pit bulls are great they get along with other dogs and kids no problem although they are huge And big headed make great pets they just look intimidating... and my bull terrier gets along with my pit bulls and great with people but just wants to kill any other dog or animal which just has to do with there breed... And my moms chihuahua horrible she’s aggressive hates kids bites all of our dogs and friends for no reason she’s a mini bomb and barks like crazy these dogs are not good for kids the only person that chihuahua likes is my mom... want a great dog get a pit bull they are intelligent protective and very tolerant with kids and animals. When the breed was brought to America and dog fighting was banned, a second strain of this breed developed. This article is completely inaccurate. So breeds like Maltese, Westie, Yorkie etc should really top this list. He can be a little aggressive when he is playing.nhe is fairly new and I was wandering the best way to train him to sit stay and not run away when we’re taking a walk. Pitbull Terrier. So my point is maybe the article is flawed and maybe it isn't. Feel free to have your own opinion. In reality , there are no mean dogs, just mean people. Many of these commenters clearly did not read the whole thing and see your disclaimer. They have also been used in groundhog and badger hunting. People who use the dogs as a cultural status symbol don’t look for good genetics and usually are unwilling to pay the cost of good dogs (which can reach $3000-$5000 or more). I know Shih Tzus are not on the list. BOTH of them are well mannered, housebroken since 3 months of age and have the best temperment for "aggressive" dogs. I realize you posted this many years ago. He would kill any animal he could get to . I just wish some dog owners knew how easy training can be. Not all dogs are the same. Failing to properly train a Pit Bull or not giving this naturally aggressive breed what it needs to be happy increases the chance of attack and only adds to the stigma attached to what can really be a gentle, loyal and loving friend. Sheila Brown has done her research and explained the criteria (the temperament test) she's used to produce this list, but most of these posts are petty and biased... We get it - you love your dog breed - and that's cool, but just because your mutt is harmless doesn't mean the breed is suitable for an environment with children, unsocialized and untrained... get some objectivity people! I have a pit bull that is friendly towards everything with a heart beat. The best thing people can do is research the breed you are interested in and what it takes to work with them, then to adopt from a rescue or shelter. You don’t want your Pit to fear you. The Std Poodles were neutral with everything. They’re a lot of work in terms of caring for their coat but I hadn’t considered that they may be aggressive. If you don’t think you have the time, patience or energy to properly care for the dog, choose another breed or you could wind up with an aggressive dog and a lot of trouble. I find them to be quite friendly with people they are familiar with, but not overly aggressive with strangers. We don't need to be perpetrating any type of breed tension with dogs. I think it was beautifully written. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Chihuahua and a German Shepherd my babies are 2 and 9 years old. If the owners aren’t capable of being a benevolent leader the dog will take matters into his own hands. If a dog doesn't know how to approach another dog it could lead to problems. The Jack Russell’s origin began in England where they were primarily used for fox hunting. They have also been used as rescue dogs. You can’t just give away or sell the dog. I would ask their physician. This can lead to behavioral issues. It was introduced in Europe by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. They are bred as fighting dogs, and therefore, they are highly aggressive and can only be handled by experienced dog owners. I've had many of these breeds in my 60 years and never had an aggressive or bad dog, I've even had wolfdogs. Rather than ban the breeds, control the right to ownership. I had an American Pitt He loved people, big lap dog to everyone But, one day he killed one of our neighbors chickens and it never stopped. The Rottweiler has a bad reputation but that reputation is undeserved. I have Progressive MS & she wakes me up for medication time, she reminds me to eat, she gets my clothes, helps me walk, she does my PT with me-makes me when I’m not feeling up to it (the dr did it all around several dog type toys so it’s Our Play Time 2wc a day I just can’t say no to those eyes that love & help me sooo much), she catches me before I fall, if I pass out she picks me up & puts me on my bed or couch & covers me up(staying by my side the whole time), she gets drinks & so many things for me, she goes out to dinner with me & use to go grocery shopping with me (I have someone else do that & order online now). 2. Aggressiveness is especially true for small size dogs. While Pit Bull attacks are covered more frequently in the media than attacks by other breeds, we can’t just blame the media for their bad name. Smaller dogs are more likely to become frightened or feel threatened or cornered than large dogs although many small breeds are also known to bite for no reason. Dogs are a reflection of their family environment and training. The biggest issues these breeds have are the wrong people breeding for the wrong reasons, primarily just doing it to "make money" and throwing any pair together without careing about the importance of quality in the breed, or even knowing the physical and mental standard expected. My dads is 2yrs oldand mine is 1yr old and are the sweetest dogs even with my 1yr old daughter. English Mastiff. I have known many smaller dogs that were more aggressive than a pit bull. Through careful training and by offering her lots of exercise and fresh air, she’s settled in beautifully. Their coat can be short-haired, long-haired, or broken. Just a heads up they are lovable puppies to adults. People get scared when they see him, but he had never ever shown aggression towards a human and he will wag his tale and go with anyone. I don’t think of a dog as a status symbol or as a way to make a statement. Yeah she was aggressive with cats but that’s only because she didn’t grow up with them! The ratings also vary. They are normally good-natured with children, but because of their size and energy level, they are not recommended for families with very small children. These are the kind of dogs that roam loose and often attack someone. That isn’t to say that the most aggressive dogs are all small dogs. I usually hate these lists! They are dominant, commanding animals who have been known to challenge human beings – sometimes even their owners (although most often strangers) – which makes them quite different from the average domestic dog. So instead of going by what people say about these amazing dogs go meet a few of them. They are often considered ‘one man’ kind of dogs because they’re not good with a lot of people around them. If you do your homework before you get your dog, find out what it needs and if it is at risk for aggression and ensure you train it properly from the time it is a puppy, you can have a wonderful companion. They come, bite your foot, you kick them and they go away. Apple head chihuahuas are aggressive, i have a deer head chihuahua and she's not aggressive or mean at all ,just thought i'd leave this comment.There are different breeds of chihuahuas and not all of them are mean, apple heads gave them a bad reputation, this is so fake I have had a chow chow a husky and a german shepard and they are the sweetest animals ever. I do not agree with your assessment. They have a thick, glossy, short-haired coat and come in red, black, blue, or fawn colors. The author did their research as you should do yours. If you have the time and patience to put into proper training though, you can have a great little buddy in the Jack Russell. Before you choose a Cocker Spaniel speak with the breeder and specifically ask about the condition. However, if it ever came to protecting their family they would. If you're unsure about how to train a calm, obedient dog there are some really helpful video tutorials at: - It's just a matter of patience and consistency. I will be a Doberman owner for the rest of my life. they only bark when they don't know who's at the door. She was a 90lb Doberman. She didn’t run the tests and it’s not based on her opinion, she only posted the results. With chow chows you need to focus on making sure your dog knows the difference between right and wrong right away. So I’m just telling you that husky’s are not aggressive at all!!!!! Getting frightened by a child or being handled roughly by a child as a puppy will only reinforce a Llasa Apso’s natural suspicion of children and will only make the aggressive issue worse.

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