traveling to paros, greece

December 8, 2020

Featured image taken by @alpevado on Instagram. Average fares are 20 euro for an airport run, 15 euro to Naoussa or Lefkes and 24 euro to Piso Livadi. For some of the freshest seafood in Paros, head to The Balcony Taverna in the tranquil fishing village of Aliki. Unlike its showier sisters Santorini and Mykonos, Paros may be the Cyclades’ best-kept secret. Paros lies about 40 km south of Mykonos, 180 km southeast of Athens, 85 km North of Santorini, and 200 km north of Crete. Paros is an island in Greece, part of the Cycladic group located in the Aegean Sea. Parikia manages to be both cozy and cosmopolitan. Traveling at the end of the summer peak season provides many options for accommodation, especially boutique hotels. reviews Are you familiar with Paros? Whether you’re planning your vacation to Greece or just day-dreaming of sunny skies and blue waters, this post is for you! But, if you prefer not to drive at all during your holiday, then I would like to inform you that the bus connection in Paros … Calme Boutique Hotel, Paros… It is the most likable of the Cyclades, as it charms the surfers and the … While fine dining in the larger towns is easy to find and worth the cost, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems across the island in the form of small tavernas and even cheap street eats. more In Lefkes, the Ramnos Café serves rich cakes, pies and other pastries; don’t miss the chocolate souffle and walnut pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you prefer a lighter morning meal, choose from airy croissants, yogurt parfaits and freshly-squeezed juices. The medieval Venetian castle and solo windmill are also popular attractions here. Art festivals, concerts, workshops and sporting events also occur throughout the year but are most frequent during summer high season. Particularly famous for its rich history and vast supply of ancient archaeological ruins, travelers also flock to Greece … During the summer months, take advantage of the warm weather and request the romantic outdoor seating along the alleyway, and be sure to make a reservation several days in advance to secure your table. Routes run regularly throughout the day, and round-trip tickets are only a few euros. The old road from Naoussa takes you to the sandy beach of Lagery and Santa Maria. a review. If you are traveling to Greece on a budget, these several sites and tools can help you saving money, time, and frustration when planning for your trips to Paros: Book your hotel in Paros … This Athens to Paros ferry guide has more details. The economic robustness Anyone can find their perfect stretch of golden sand. Where can I book ferry tickets from Santorini to Paros? Paros sits in the heart of the Aegean sea and belongs to the Cyclades, the most popular Greek islands group. Be sure to checkout my 2 days in Athens and 2 days in Santorini blog posts too! Travel to Paros island, Cyclades Greece Copyright Marinet Ltd 2002-2012. An outdoor courtyard displays funeral friezes, mosaics, urns and more. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful seaside getaway, a fast-paced, party-packed holiday or something in between, you’re sure to find it in Paros. Paros is best known for its miles of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and sunbathing. Ferries depart from both Rafina and Piraeus ports. How to Get to Paros, Greece Ideally, the best time to visit Paros is between May and October where the weather allows for swimming in the water. Flights to Paros take 40 minutes from Athens and 65 minutes from Thessaloniki… Cars, scooters and quad bikes are available for rent at stations around the island, but availability can be difficult to come by during peak season, so plan ahead when possible. Some of the finest desserts on the island can be found well outside the two major cities. Summer is peak season for tourism in Paros, so you’re likely to pay higher prices for flights, lodging and other expenses than you would during the rest of the year, and you’ll be competing with thousands of other travelers for accommodations and tours. Top Paros Tours: See reviews and photos of tours in Paros, Greece on Tripadvisor. If you choose to drive, you’ll need to secure an international driver’s license before you arrive; if you’re considering a scooter or quad bike rental, be sure to check with your insurance company to ensure coverage before hitting the road. There are beaches for everyone on Paros—families, partiers, watersports enthusiasts, honeymooners. Most visitors to Paros will travel through Parikia, the capital of the island. its central place in the Aegean. A vacation to Paros for one week usually costs around €543 for one person. Nice Paros … The fishing harbor of Naousa, in Paros… Offering stunning scenery and a relaxed vibe, Antiparos is beloved by a number of celebrity part-time residents, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, whom you just might spot during their summer travels. ... Paros is one of the most beautiful islands in the complex of Cyclades. Read our insider’s guide to Páros, as recommended by Telegraph Travel. At Golden Beach, you can rent any equipment you need, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and wakeboards. Have a Coffee in Parikia. Reserve an hour or two in your schedule to immerse yourself in the island’s role in ancient Greek history at the Archaeological Museum of Paros near Parikia. As the island’s capital city and primary port, Parikia is the commercial center of Paros. Fares range from 8 to 15 euro depending on your destination and provide a novel alternative to land-based transportation. It is easily reachable from Athens. Latest travel advice for Greece, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. The island’s two largest towns, Parikia and Naoussa, offer a wide range of dining, nightlife and sightseeing options, while smaller villages like Lefkes and Marpissa provide a glimpse into a slower, more traditional way of life. Finding the Best Hotels in Mykonos: Our 20 Recommendations, 5 Days in Greece: 4 Great Itinerary Options For You, The Best Restaurants in Crete: Our Top 10 Picks, Ultimate Travel Guide to the Island of Lesbos in 2021, Ultimate Travel Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Ultimate Travel Guide to the Island of Naxos. Though small, the museum is home to an impressive array of sculpture, pottery and other artifacts dating back as far as the Neolithic period. If Paros is your primary destination, you can easily spend a week or more here relaxing on the beaches, exploring the culture of each small village and sampling fresh local cuisine in the many cafes, tavernas and restaurants. You can get to Paros either by ferryboat or by plane. The same breeze that rustles orange and pomegranate trees … Visit Parikia. If you’re looking to cut costs, you can book a budget hotel and spend very little, or you can splurge on luxury lodging and pay prices on par with mid-range hotels on the other Cycladic islands. Average hotel prices in Paros are significantly lower than those in Santorini or Mykonos, so it’s possible to find very nice accommodations at bargain prices here. This combination will make your holidays unforgettable. Paros is an island that you will need a car as it has quite a few places that you can visit. … These beautiful beaches are found 2 km away from Naoussa. If your vacation includes multiple destinations, give yourself at least three full days on Paros to fully appreciate its unique attributes before sailing off to your next stop. If you plan to travel around the island, this mode of transport will get expensive quickly. Greek culture is famous for its festivals, and Paros hosts almost a dozen religious festivals from July to September as well as a handful of secular celebrations. Without a doubt, Greece is one of the world’s very best vacation destinations. Paros is easily accessible by a quick flight from Athens and a number of ferries. Travel from the ancient hub of Athens to the stunning islands of Paros and Naxos, where pristine beaches and traditional whitewashed architecture await. You can pay the driver when you board, but purchasing passes in advance at the bus terminal or local markets will save you some cash. Tour the vineyards, cellar and estate and relax with a glass of red, white or rose and a light bite on the peaceful terrace. Paros is relatively affordable compared to the other Cycladic islands, meaning your budget stretches farther to accommodate a longer stay. ... Pounda is a popular Paros tourist resort. The beaches of Paros are known around the world for their water sports, especially the windsurfing, kite surfing and wakeboarding made possible by the Meltemi winds. A view of some of the same roads in the capital, Parikia Paros is a Greek island in the Cyclades group, neighbouring Naxos and is one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors to … However, the warm, dry weather is ideal for hitting the beach and sightseeing, and nightclubs, restaurants and shops will all be open. Though it’s not as well-known as its more glamorous sister islands, Paros delivers the same stunning views, sparkling seas and warm hospitality as Mykonos and Santorini—with smaller crowds and lower prices to boot. Golden Beach. For the latest information on COVID-19 and ferry traveling in Greece please check our relevant FAQ pages. Paros is home to several acclaimed wineries, such as Moraitis Winery, founded in Naoussa in 1910. The exceptional quality and the unique transparency It’s also the breeziest of the Cycladic islands, thanks to the easterly Meltemi winds that blow in from Turkey every summer. Start your day right with the mouthwatering breakfast offerings at Meltemi Café, a charming coastal café with plenty of patio seating. more ... A little picturesque church in Lefkes. If you prefer to fly, it’s best to fly into Athens first, and then take a local flight from Athens to Paros. Nearly every week, you’ll find a village hosting a tribute to its patron saint, with church services followed by bonfires, food, dancing and sometimes even fireworks. of parian marble made it coveted in all the hellenic world. of Paros at the antiquity is owed in the exploitation of marble quarries and in Paros, the second largest island in the Cyclades is filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. Daily peak season rental costs average about 45 euros for cars, 30 euros for quad bikes and 20 euros for scooters. If you travel east from Aliki for about 9 miles, you’ll come upon Golden Beach, a picturesque beach stretching more than 2,000 feet.It’s considered one of the best beaches in Paros… For traveling around and between the island’s main cities, including Parikia, Naoussa, Golden Beach, Prodromos and Marmara, the public bus system is reliable and affordable, especially during high season. Paros island … You can also return later in the day for one of Meltemi’s creative cocktails as you watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea. ... Paros Most charters leave from Naoussa and Piso Livadi, and tours vary in price depending on the length of the trip, the size of the vessel and any included activities and amenities. Admission is free, although hours of operation are limited during the low season. Paros is one of the easiest Greek islands to reach by ferry, with boats leaving from Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio ports in Athens. Boutique hotels in Paros. This no-frills waterfront pub is celebrated by locals and tourists alike for its fried calamari and octopus and classic Greek salads served alongside a chilly beer. Paros is one of the most beautiful islands in the complex of Cyclades. With so many excellent hotels located in this seaside town, chances are you’re already staying in Naoussa, giving you no excuse to miss out on the village’s vivacious nightlife. beaches, calm weather, pirates, marble you name it... A great place to slow down, According to legend, 99 doors have been identified on the property, with the 100th to be revealed when Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) is someday returned to Greek rule. To begin with, there is a regular ferry connection between Paros and Athens' ports. The handmade pottery, jewelry and other crafts produced by local artisans make wonderful gifts or souvenirs, and the roads are dotted with rustic stands selling honey, figs and other seasonal treats. THE BEST TOOLS FOR TRAVELING GREECE ON A BUDGET. Much of the building’s architecture dates back to the sixth century, when the church was rebuilt after a devastating fire, while the painted icon of the Virgin of Ekatontapiliani has been preserved there for nearly 500 years. Travel Guide to Paros, Greece Paros, the elegant beauty of the Aegean Sea is a Greek island located in the center of the Cyclades islands. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Menu standouts include honey-drizzled haloumi cheese, orzo with prawns, sea bass and pork loin with apricot sauce. It was used not only Cabs are easiest to come by at the roundabout in Parikia. Compare all ferry schedules in the Santorini-Paros crossing on Ferryhopper and book ferry tickets online at the best prices. The capital and main port of the island, Parikia is also the commercial and business … A trip for two weeks for two people costs €2,171 in Paros. You can ask your hotel concierge for recommendations, but if you seek advice from locals on their favorite places, you’re more likely to have one of the best meals of your life during your stay. Indulge in a freshly-baked waffle topped with fruit, Nutella or even ice cream, which is a perfectly acceptable breakfast item when you’re on holiday. Paros does enjoy a position as a prime ferry hub in the region, … Find expert advice and great pictures of top hotels, restaurants, bars and things to do.

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